Statue Exhibitions

Exhibitions of Buddhist Statues

Buddhist art is a very important part of the transmission of Tibetan Buddhism to the West. Being more than merely decorative, Buddhist statues, scroll paintings (Tib. thangkas) are an expression of enlightenment – of the beyond-personal qualities of mind itself. Many great masters of the Karma Kagyu lineage over the centuries either created or sponsored statues and paintings as a support for the meditation practice of their students.

The Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation has been collecting outstanding pieces of Buddhist art since its inception. From this basis of statues and paintings owned by the Foundation or by generously loaned by Diamond Way students, collections are expertly curated for each individual exhibtion.

Exhibitions of statues have taken place in many locations including in the European Parliament, where members of Parliament and the public were equally enthralled by the more than forty art pieces; Berlin and Münich, where the exhibition "Space and Joy" expressed the twin concepts at the core of Buddhist aesthetics; Hamburg, where a five-storey exhibition was shown, and Innsbruck, where Buddhist statues, scroll paintings, and models of stupas were exhibited.



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