Buddhist centers owned and/or supported by the Foundation

In Diamond Way Buddhism, meditation centers are the main way that people come into contact with and benefit from Buddhist methods. Every Diamond Way Buddhist center offers free public meditations for the local community. They also offer Buddhist teachings and organize meditation retreats and other special events.

One of the main goals of the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation is to develop meditation centers to preserve and promote the traditional Buddhist methods of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

All Diamond Way Buddhist groups can get advice and support from the Foundation. In addition, the Foundation directly advises and sponsors some Buddhist centers. Many of our buildings are new; others are renovations of old buildings that require special care. The Foundation can connect experts and experienced people from different projects around the world.

The Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation also partly or wholly owns certain centers. For example, the Europe Center, the main center for Diamond Way Buddhism, is a beautiful building from the Art Deco period, bought by the Foundation using donations from Buddhists worldwide. The Europe Center was carefully renovated over a period of several years, and now hosts public events and meditation retreats on a regular basis. In this section you can read about the different places with which the Foundation is most closely associated. For a complete list of all Diamond Way Buddhist centers, see the Buddhist centers section on the Diamond Way Buddhism website.