Karma Dechen Ling

The Buddhist Center Karma Dechen Ling

Karma Dechen Ling, "The Land of Highest Bliss" or KDL, as it is called, was bought in 2003. It is located 180km from Montevideo, Uruguay, in the middle of beautiful green, rocky and peaceful hills, having excellent conditions for deepening ones meditation. It has 57 hectares and is managed by the Diamond Way centers of Uruguay and Argentina. 

Today KDL has a 36m² Gompa and a 240m² house that serve as the basic infrastructure for all the dharma activities throughout the year. In KDL we offer an International Course with Lama Ole, retreats with Travelling Teachers, meditation retreats and weekend work retreats with the local sanghas. We are contiunously improving and expanding the infrastructure to support our growing activities.

Our wish is that KDL will be a meeting point, especially uniting the Diamond Way groups in Latin America. In KDL they can meet, practice buddhism, exchange experience and friendship and in this way deepen and secure the transmission of Buddhist teachings of the Karma Kagyu Lineage.