Our center – a city town house from 1898, a stone's throw from Lake Constance – offers a wide range of public events with meditations, lectures, a library and guided tours for school classes. Once a year we hold a day of open-door for interested people.

The center was founded in 1984 by Lama Ole Nydahl after his first visit to Constance. In the beginning, as in almost all of the more than 150 centers of our tradition in Germany, meditation took place in private living rooms. In the new millennium, the move to the beautiful rooms on Mainaustrasse was successful. In 2000, two floors were acquired and the meditation room was expanded with the help of around 30 members on a voluntary basis. In 2003 Lama Ole inaugurated the large meditation room. In 2010 it was possible to expand the center through acquisitions thanks to the sponsorship and support of the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation and further donations from members.