In 1984 Poland was under martial law, but this in no way hindered the development of Diamond Way Buddhism. Lama Ole Nydahl continued to visit us at least once a year. He said it couldn't hurt to find a piece of land with a house somewhere in the middle of Poland. One of us took him at his word, and some time later a possibility arose - Kuchary. It was an old ruin in a field that had endured 50 years of post-war history, plus six hectares of a 100 year old park.

From the beginning, Kuchary was a meeting place for all kinds of activities - living together, building, meditation courses and personal practice.

The summer courses in Kuchary were the main events for all of Lama Ole's Polish students from the very beginning. In addition to the summer courses, we also introduced meditation courses throughout the year. They became the main activity of the center. For a long time now, Kuchary has served as a place where one can easily study, meditate and enjoy beautiful views of the landscape.

There are two stupas in Kuchary: an "Enlightenment Stupa" and a "Stupa of Miracles". The site for the first stupa was chosen in 1987 by Jamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche.

In the fall of 1989, Tenga Rinpoche performed rituals for the Nagas and that year roughly 2/3 of the stupa was built. We received the necessary construction forms for this from the center in Rödby. In 1990 work on the stupa was finished and Tsechu Rinpoche inaugurated it.

This beautiful and useful place is our most valuable asset today. A house with a gompa, 15 living rooms, retreat houses, stupas in a beautiful park, technical equipment for large and small courses. Here we saw Diamond Way Buddhism evolve from an exotic form to a modern western approach. Many of us experienced a personal development here that remains important to this day. Nothing can show us our strengths and weaknesses better than teamwork. We build relationships that become more and more useful. This is a seal of approval that all our projects carry.