Buddhism has been present in Prague for more than 20 years. The Buddhist centre Prague was opened in 2014. Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Lama Ole Nydahl were inaugurating the new meditation hall (tib. gompa) in the presence of hundreds of friends from all over the world. With the total area of 2000m2 the Buddhist centre Prague is the biggest one in the Czech Republic. The Buddhist centre Prague at Na Maninách street is opened to everyone interested in the Buddhist methods. Everybody can get basic information how to work with the mind. Public meditations take place every day at 20.00, public lectures are held every second Monday.

2012 We were moving out from a rented place, buying a former factory in Na Maninách street in Holešovice and started the reconstruction.

In 2013 Lama Ole Nydahl was visiting the place where the new Buddhist centre were being constructed: A meditation and lecture hall for 250 people (with windows opened to the street) as well as a social area, library and a storage for the publishing house White Umbrella.