The heart of our Buddhist center is the approx. 80 square meter, bright meditation room. A Buddhist library and a shop invite you to browse Buddhist literature and meditation on around 200 square meters. The spacious eat-in kitchen is perfect for encounters, exchanges and conversations. In our Buddhist center, our members and other interested people meet regularly to meditate, to listen to lectures or to take part in courses. In addition to work and family, our members also organize day-to-day life at the center and take on tasks ranging from cleaning to programming.

The Buddhist center Unna was founded in the early 1990s through the inspiration of Lama Ole Nydahl. The group quickly became too large for the first private premises, so that the buddhist center moved to downtown Unna in 1998. In 2006 the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation acquired an old half-timbered house in Steinstrasse in Unna-K√∂nigsborn. With the help of donations, sponsors and many friends, the house was completed in 2009. Since the end of 2013, the actual Buddhist center with a large meditation room, library and office space has been located in the expanded former carpenter's shop at the end of the courtyard.