London, Lambeth 2012

“Space for Mind, Space for Art”

In 2012 the foundation supported the display of a unique collection of Buddhist art in London, marking its first appearance in the UK. The exhibition “Space for Mind, Space for Art” brought together rare and ancient paintings, sculptures and other objects from Tibet, Nepal and the surrounding Himalayan region, providing a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the area.

The exhibition featured more than 50 separate items including gilded statues, ritual ornaments and embroidered silk paintings called appliqué thangkas. Alongside the artefacts there was also a selection of contemporary work exploring related themes, created in response to the exhibition by local artists.

Daily guided tours acquainted visitors with the significance of the exhibits, which are not only beautiful artefacts, but have significance and practical use in the development of positive personal – and beyond-personal – qualities through meditation.

A complementary programme of talks, guided tours and film screenings provided opportunities to learn about the spiritual context of the artworks and their significance within Tibetan Buddhist tradition and beyond.