Slovak National Museum, Bratislava 2015

“Space and Joy” in the Slovak National Museum

In autumn 2015, the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation supported an exhibition in Bratislava’s Slovak National Museum. The show attracted more than 9000 national and international visitors, which made use of this unique opportunity and enjoyed the precious exhibits that were arranged in the form of a Mandala (“power circle”). On 350 sqm., more than 180 statues, scroll paintings, and ritual implements were shown. The highlights ranked from gilded Buddha statues to an extraordinary collection of stupas (symbols of the perfect nature of mind), and a 300 years old scroll painting showing a special six-armed form of Loving Eyes. (Tib. Chenrezig).

The title of the exhibition, “Space and Joy”, expresses a key teaching in Diamond Way Buddhism. The space of mind represents the openness from which all experiences and phenomena arise. It is described as indestructible and limitless. The experience of this limitlessness and its richness is deeply joyful – a joy that is the hallmark of enlightenment, together with fearlessness and love. The exhibited statues, paintings, and ritual objects express these qualities.

The exhibition was very well received, and at the Museum’s request was extended from three to six weeks. It was the best-attended exhibition in the 100-years history of the national museum. The success also mirrored in an extraordinarily intense media interest.