‎‎‎Hofburg, Innsbruck 2012

Buddhas in the Alpes

In October 2012, the Hofburg Innsbruck hosted the exhibition “Space and Joy – Buddhas in the Alpes” on more than 450 sqm. 6400 visitors used the precious opportunity to directly experience 185 statues, thangkas (scroll paintings), and ritual implements.

A comprehensive programme including a cooperation with “The Long Night of the Museums”, lectures, guided tours, audio guides and tours for school classes enabled visitors to explore the symbolism and view beyond the merely artistic aspects - the exhibits being an expression of timeless qualities of mind.

In the Buddhist view, the title “Space and Joy” expresses the two main aspects of the human mind: Space being it’s indestructible and limitless nature, which at the same time is filled with joy, fearlessness and love. These qualities are expressed by different Buddha forms, represented by statues and paintings, and used in meditation.