Buddhist Stupas

Stupas are monuments for peace in the world. They are constructions which express the pure nature of the mind in a perfect form.

Stupas have been built in Asia for centuries, and in Europe since 1982. Their symbolism is manifold: they represent the various Buddha wisdoms, for example, but also the community of practitioners, the Sangha. In general, it is said that the spiritual influence of a stupa is so great that those who venerate it, help with the construction or live near it experience its positive effect as a source of peace, happiness and prosperity.

Examples of the activities of the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation include stupas built in Denmark, Greece, Austria and Germany, and many more.


Europe Center, Stupa of Long Live

Swayambhu Stupa, Nepal

Copenhagen Stupa, Denmark

Linz Stupa, Austria

Salzburg Stupa, Austria