Krakow 2018

„Richness of Mind. Treasures of Himalayan Art“ Manggha Museum

The exhibition „Richness of Mind. Treasures of Himalayan Art“ was created as part of a project on Buddhist art consisting of six exhibitions displayed at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology. Already the opening attracted great interest and about 900 visitors listened to the curators' opening speeches. Thanks to the successful cooperation of the Manggha Museum, the polish Stupa House Foundation and the International Buddhism Foundation Diamond Way the visitors were able to experience a touch of Tibetan Buddhism in the heart of Poland. The 70 statues, thangkas and ritual implements on display allowed a direct insight into the heart of Buddhist practice and offered a rare opportunity to experience traditional Buddhist art from Tibet and Nepal.

The exhibition was accompanied by several lectures, a scientific session, film screenings of Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey and curatorial tours.